Guaranteed Method to Evolve Flareon in Pokemon GO! Pyro Eevee Naming Trick in Pokemon GO

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oh right just load it back up here let's

go down to my Eevee I'm already with 25

candy just it down okay so she's normal

weight and height and all that kind of

attacks we're just gonna go ahead and

nickname Jairo because I want to Flareon

okay okay

maybe tongues being a little laggy here

we go

evolve yes I'm sure

and it is in fact a Flareon there we go

first try

have fun Jean oh and the rest of my

pokey friends let's go ahead and check

out his stats real quick cannot see his

CP he's covering it up apparently well

that'll be a nice little fun book for

you there Jono okay and he is in fact a

1336 pyro now he's extra small pretty

cool ok thanks guys have fun John

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