How To Redeem Groupon Gift Card Online? | Using Groupon Gift Card [2022]

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hi everyone welcome back to another

episode of how logical in today's video

i'm gonna guide you through how to

redeem your group on gift card keep

watching the video till the end to learn

how and subscribe to our channel if you

have not yet also press the notification

bell icon so that youtube will notify

you whenever we post a new video open up

a web browser to begin in the address

field at the top type in

and press enter make sure you're logged

into your groupon account once you are

click on your my stuff drop down at the

top right hand corner and this will

bring up an expanded pop-up menu right

at the bottom of the pop-up you'll be

able to see redeem gift card button

click it on and on the next page enter

your gift code in the first text box

once you are done head over to the next

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