Teddy Bear Haircut on a Cute Fluffy Dog

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today I'm going to teach you how to

perform the teddy bear haircut on a cute

and fluffy dog a teddy bear trim is the

most preferred haircut that is often

given to most mixed breed dogs as well

as purebred dogs to give them a cute

fluffy appearance that is similar to

that of a teddy bear the haircut

involves cutting the dog's fur to a

uniform length all over the body

including the face the legs and the tail

and rounding off the edges to create a

soft plush look the fur may also be

trimmed around the face to give the dog

more defined facial features such as

eyebrows and a muzzle in addition to

making the dog look cute and cuddly the

teddy bear trim can also be easier to

maintain than longer haircuts as it

often requires less grooming and

brushing some people refer to the teddy

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