How to Groom Standard Poodle

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hey all thanks for watching DD Croix on

YouTube and my favorite groomer this is

Flynn he's a new client Hey

he's so cute isn't he so he's a pretty

big dog and we're gonna leave I was

gonna do half off his hair he's a

standard poodle but he doesn't look like

it does he maybe it's cuz of his face

we're gonna play around with you the CDs

we're gonna play around with this face

today they're gonna let me kind of play

with it cuz it's so wet for some reason

you love to like drink water like all

crazy so today we're just gonna do the

grooming part cuz I've gotta get doing

some dog upstand demos so I need a

hustle but we're gonna try to get the

guard one guard is where I would like to

be every time they come in so that's a

lot of brushing at home so that make

sure that slash brush time during the

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