How to clip a shih tzu one length all over

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are you good boy are you ready for your

haircut look growth up there you ready

are you shiny shiny well today's video

I'm just gonna show you how I think

what's the tale how I clip this shih tzu

it's basically one length all over it's

pretty short it's nothing fancy and I

just want to show either before and

after so hey so this is the before he's

pretty shy then he likes to sit down

maybe lay down turn around kind of pull

up legs right and look at his face you

can't even see so I'm gonna make him

some nice or trim his bangs really good

so he can actually see hello hi

you ready I know but you always love it

when you're finished right you ready

alrighty so let's get started so this is

the blade then I'm gonna be using it's a

4 F and I'm gonna be clipping them

before the bath because he has quite a

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