Grooming an almost matted Portuguese Water Dog

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alright so here we got Maggie back she's

our Portuguese water dog client and

we're actually gonna do mom said she's

been reading on Facebook and she's down

because it's still hot and her dogs are

on the pool everyday we're actually

taking it down shorter so he did Bruno

yesterday and we did a tube guard and a

four guard down she said she wanted

actually shorter than that so we're

going to go with our seven and honestly

I don't realize it but I do have every

book all kinds of place so I'm using my

Oscar Kyle tech size 7 F I'm gonna jump

between that and my I have all kinds oh

wow actually we have more zoster 7fp

light and

dang I didn't realize all these ovens

are austere austere seven so all the

seven EPS you have and you can do an

azure austere I've had these for quite a

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