Grooming a Goldendoodle "AT HOME"

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hi today we're going to groom and go

noodle home and um he is this a cedar he

is about four weeks past his last groom

and his last room he was done at a 1/2

inch on his body and an inch on his legs

but before we actually get started the

most important thing you want to

remember is to always groom a queen and

a blowdried doodle you want her to be


combed out and dry and before they know

you want to make sure that you can get

you want to make sure that you can get

the fine part of your comb through his

coat and he's not super long so it goes

pretty it goes easily especially on the

legs and the armpits in the ears behind

the ears no tangles no mats the more max

you have the worse they'll see there's a

little baby going on there the worse

it'll be in the bathtub just take them

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