HOW to TRIM a MALTESE at HOME! (Trimming your DOG at home) BASIC DOG GROOMING Tutorial

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guys we're going to take a look at a

maltese how's that for a small dog but

before we do anything we have to bathe

brush brush bathe brush bathe and prep

the dog when we can get a comb to the

dog we're ready for trimming this is

very important

when we can get a comb through the dog

we're ready to trim

so i have a number 10 blade on my

detachable blade clipper and i'm going

to put a number one wall stainless steel

snap on comb over top of that 10 blade

but depending on the length of coat that

you're willing to leave on your dog you

can choose a different snap on comb it's

up to you

we're starting at the base of the skull

you can go

with the lay of the coat or you can go

against the lay of the coat

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