Grooming a Cocker Spaniel-Breed Standard Trim

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thank you for joining me today I am a

melee certified professional pet groomer

since 2003 and it is absolutely my

pleasure to share with you the secrets

of the grooming industry now if you are

tuning in you must be interested in

knowing how to trim one of the most

elegant breeds among us a cocker spaniel

this trim is one of my specialties and

I'm gonna share all my secrets with you

here today there are a few tools and

techniques that are so rarely shared

that are going to set this groom apart

from the typical pet trim but lucky for

you you land it in the right place here

today guys you see most people think

that because cocker spaniels have such a

thick coat that they're most comfortable

when shaved but I'm gonna share some

secrets with you here today that will

send down that coat nicely still

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