CrossFit Game Changing Grip Tip

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what's up boys and girls I'm here today

to talk to you about how I use my grips

it was a big game-changer for me when I

figured it out I don't know how long ago

it was but I used to do it the pretty

traditional way using the old school of

gymnastics grips where you would kind of

let them all bunch up right you put them

all the way on your fingers find that

little dowel and use that to hook into

the bar that never really worked for me

my hands my grip still always blew up

and I don't know I just started

experimenting with it and one day I

figured I was a little bit better off

doing it where the grip wasn't all the

way down on my hand it was a little

looser and which that extra so instead

of putting it all the way down on my


I just put it on my fingertips hook it

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