Get a GRIP! How to Hook Grip the Deadlift

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today we're gonna be talking about how

to hook grip without tearing up your

thumbs so when we're teaching novices

how to deadlift we typically start by

using a double overhand grip to do a

double header hand grip we have a lifter

set up for the deadlift bend over and

just grab the bar placing their thumb on

the side of their hand and wrapping

their fingers around the bar most

lifters can do that for a while but

eventually the weight will become heavy

enough that the double overhand grip

will not be strong enough to keep the

bar from rolling out of the fingers so

we need to either use an alternate grip

or what we prefer to teach people

whenever possible is to use the hook

grip so to use the hook grip instead of

wrapping the thumb around the bar and on

the side of the hand we're going to bend

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