Climbing Handholds 101: How to Hold Them! (FOR BEGINNERS) | Singapore Climbing Gym Boulder Movement

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Hi everyone! It's Jansen, and Mike here! Today,  we will be sharing a guide to climbing hand holes  

and how to hold them. Every new climber  has probably had this same experience  

when they see those colorful rocks  that decorate the climbing gym walls  

and then they get stumped at some point.  Now we actually call these colorful rock  

climbing holes or handholds more specifically.  Some holes are really obvious and nice to hold  

while others seem to be designed  specifically to make your life difficult

if you're new here my name is michael and i'm  a climbing performance coach at border movement  

and my name is jensen and i'm the co-founder and  also a performance coach of border movement bm is  

a bouldering gym with a high focus on technical  skills and progressive learning we believe that  

rock climbing is and should be accessible to  everyone and we love sharing our experiences  

with new learners if you're new here welcome and  do consider subscribing here's an interesting  

fact about rock climbing holds they were first  produced to mimic actual rock features so that  

indoor climbers can continue experiencing outdoor  climbing even when the weather or seasons don't  

allow for it the first handholds were made either  crafting from rudimentary plastics leftover timber  

or even bits of unwanted rock handhold makers  eventually experimented with new materials colors  

and adopted modern designs so that we've  come up quite a long way from this to this  

so the next time you visit a climbing gym and  marvel at the colorful and unique looking holes  

on the walls just remember that they have a  long and rich history but they all lead back to  

climbing on the rocks that we love today we will  be covering seven types of rock climbing holes  

that you will find in an indoor rock climbing gym  they are jugs underclings slopers crims pinchers  

pockets and volumes wow that is a lot of  technical terms thrown up all at once let's go

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