How to Throw a Slider, Explained Simply

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in this video let's talk about how to

throw a slider and some of the different

slider grips that are going to be right

for some pictures and not others which

ones you should Tinker with and which

ones you should stick with all that's

going to be covered in today's video

about how to throw a slider

all right so we're talking about how to

throw a slider today first let's talk

about slider grips so understand that

the the core of the slider grip is

overloading the ball to one side and so

how you do that and where you move your

fingers around is largely up to you lots

of players get try to get a little bit

of traction by catching this seam up

here like that some are more on the side

you just need to overload one side of

the ball and then Tinker with your exact

finger placement so you can feel like

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