4 BASEBALL PITCHES That Get D1 Hitters Out! [Baseball Pitching Grips w/ TBC & Tyler Blohm]

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hey what is up guys my name is Derrick

and you're watching you go pro baseball

now I run my own YouTube channel called

TBC but today I'm coming at you from the

University of Maryland making a video

with you go pro baseball and what I'm

going to do today is get with one of

these pitchers show you him throwing a

bullpen and I'm gonna have him explain

the pitches he throws how he grips them

how he throws them give you guys a

little bit of advice or maybe you can

model your game after someone pitching

at a d1 level which is not easy

the pitcher I'm going to be showing in

today's video actually got drafted by

the Orioles out of high school and

decided to come to college so this is a

guy who knows his stuff and would be a

really really valuable learning resource

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