How To Throw A Sinker: Grips and Tips, Spin and Arm Slot

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Hey! Dan Blewett here. Let us go over the sinker and some of the grips. But, before

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new that I put out. So today, with the sinker--it is one of those pitches

that with some pitches like the change-up my goal has been to

standardize it. I have been advocating around the internet for why do we have 5

different changeup grips? No one seems to know why the changeup is slow or what

the action is supposed to be. So if you watched any of my other videos--and I

encourage you to--you know that I teach one grip. And I'm not saying that that

grip is going to be right for everybody but it is going to be right for most people and

I want everyone to understand that there is a consistent spin and action that we

can get out of it, of out the changeup, out of one pitch. Because with the

curveball, we know that all curveballs have forward spin--the cleaner spin they

have, the better they are, right? With sliders they will have a set spin--the

finger placement is slightly different, but the action and the spin of the pitch

is very consistent. With the sinker that is also generally true but

there are a lot of different grips and this one does take a lot more tinkering

to get it right. So for me, I threw a sinker at different points in my career

and usually they were a response to me changing my arm slot or changing

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