Simple Grip Change to Stop Your Slice - & Hit Driver Straight

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us can a simple grip change help

you to hit your driver dead straight or maybe you're not looking at Driver maybe

you would like to strike your irons a little bit more consistently can a simple grip

change do that for you we'll look I want to no illusion that it's gonna magically

change everybody's game but you know what a simple grip changes can make a

massive difference to so many golfers and it might help you too I had a couple of

students just just last week who are these big booming slices and I made

literally one of them I made a change to the lead hand grip the left hand grip

and the other one it was to their right that's all it was required to hugely

straighten of their shots and look if if you straighten out the bend you will

also hit it further and straighter as a byproduct so I want to share with you

exactly what these are before I do like if you're new to

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driving range so you can work on these little bits so how important is

the grip well it has three major functions it's designed to help you hit

the ball straight so it controls whether that face goes straight or Square impact

it helps you generate speed oh how well if you've got a good grip

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