How to Grip the Club Correctly | Golf Channel

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so many people for so long have said

that the grip is the most important

thing and I actually believe that that's

the case too it predicts what happens in

a golf swing and so when you get to

holding the club a very simple tip many

of you grip the club when you're when

you've got the club head laying on the

ground and you go that way what that

does is it gives you what we call a

short thumb when the tip of the the top

of the thumb and the knuckle of the

index finger are on the same line when

you go across the grip perpendicular

it's on the same line what you want to

do is you want to try to get that thumb

a little bit down that shaft and create

a separation there that's going to give

you a little bit more leverage and a

little bit more angle more power when

you're hitting the shot so a very simple

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