How To Grip The Ball To Bowl In-Swing: Cricket Tips

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cricket how to grip the ball to bowl in

swing hello and welcome to videojug

whether an arm-chair fan or a budding

Shane Warne these cricket tips are meant

to help you learn more about the game

this film will show you how to build a

perfect in swinger gripping the ball

correctly for seam bowling is very

important for getting the correct bounce

and swing and getting those

all-important wickets step 1 you will

need a cricket ball a set of stumps to

aim at a measured pitch step 2

understanding in swing in swing is when

the ball swings or curves in the air

towards the body of a right-handed

batsman step 3 the grip hold the ball

like this with two fingers either side

of the seam with the thumb underneath

the next two fingers fold softly into

the palm of your hand

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