How to HOOK / CURVE a bowling ball for beginners | Even if you don't have your own ball

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what's up everybody welcome to bowler

XCOM I'm here inside classic lanes where

today I'm actually gonna give you a

little bit of a tip this is more of a

beginner tip for those who like to go

open bowling

you don't really Bowl leagues a whole

lot but you want to learn how to curve

the ball and even if you don't have your

own bowling ball you can still do that

the house balls do curve and I'm gonna

show you how stay tuned


hi welcome back I've got a typical house

ball here now these things aren't made

out of like a reactive material that you

would see some of the professionals or

some of the really good bowlers or

League bowlers in town you're not gonna

see them using a ball like this more

times than not you'll see I'm using one

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