Baseball Pitching Grips - How to Throw a Curveball

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hey guys what's going on it's coach

Justin from ultimate baseball training

and today I'm going to teach you how to

throw a curve ball properly it all

starts with the grip okay so if you have

a baseball pick a baseball up and you

have to know that the curveball is

basically a pitch that you do with your

thumb and your middle finger okay this

index finger really just goes along for

the ride so the way that I grip this

pitch is

I place my thumb in my my middle finger

first like this kind of across the laces

okay and then this one just barely rests

like that okay a lot of the times when

I'll teach younger players how to throw

a curveball I'm talking you know 12 13

14 years old is the earliest the very

earliest you should start breaking off

curveballs but when I teach them a lot

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