How To Grind Almonds For Use in Baking |Tips For Grinding Almonds

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this is my Doughty of cakes and more and

you're watching the video series baking

for beginners there are a number of

recipes which required almond meal that

is ground almonds and you could be using

them in your cakes or brownies or maybe

some other desert and using almond meal

in your drawer cakes and desserts gives

it a really good um nutty taste and

aroma to your dessert and your bakes you

could of course purchase the

commercially available almond meal if

you have easy access to it but then be

sure that it's not rancid because nuts

tend to go rancid very quickly

commercial almond meal is also more fine

and more uniform in texture but if you

have to grind elements at home to make

your almond meal that's also quite easy

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