How to Grind Your Own Flour By Hand From Wheat - Bailey Line Life #17

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in this video I want to show you how my

wheat mill works this is one of the

answers to the question how do I eat

wheat well you can grind it up into

flour and that's what this thing does I

bought this in the mid-80s and it still

works great they still make this kind

there's other kinds that clamp to the

side of the table and they have a little

crank on them and I've tried those they

don't work that well because they don't

get your whole body into it

the more of your body you can get into

the operation of the grinder the more

horsepower you have the faster you can

produce your wheat out of your flour

so this wee here happens to be some

stuff that we grew ourselves so we

planted it by sprinkling on some some

clean soil that we worked up we

harvested it with the scythe and we

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