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grinding nuts at home is a great way to

make sure they're fresh but they will

never be as finely milled as shop-bought

ones and they may be a little oilier to

make sure toasted nuts are completely

cool before grinding a food processor is

excellent for chopping nuts finally put

the nuts in the bowl of a food processor

and pulse for a few seconds at a time

until the nuts are fine and evenly

ground take care not to process the nuts

for too long or they will become oily if

grinding nuts for a sweet recipe add a

little caster sugar to the nuts whilst

processing as it will absorb some of the

oils as an alternative to a food

processor nuts can be chopped by hand

pile the nuts on a chopping board take a

large sharp knife and position it so the

flat of the blade faces your body with

your free hand resting on top of the

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