Secret to Saving Money On Ground Beef? Grind Your Own!

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on this channel we cut meat we cook meat

we eat meat today is no different today

we're going to talk about ground beef I

want to show you guys how easy it is to

actually grind your own beef at home

we're gonna make ground beef in

different percentages I don't know maybe

you like a super fatty ground beef like

a 75-25 or you want a more lean ground

weight if you want a 96 4 you want you

can make any percentage that you want

that's the great thing about doing it at

home you can take the most control over

your ground meat we're also going to be

able to use the extra trim that we have

from our other butcher projects when we

cut a whole rib eye when we cut a whole

tenderloin we had extra Cuts extra trim

that we could have put in our ground

beef it's gonna make a much better

quality Burger first thing we're going

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