Using a mortar and pestle to grind out your own hot pepper spice blends

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Hi this is Peter Stanley, welcome to my channel

today I'm going to show you how to make a hot pepper spice blend

and what I'm using is a mortar and pestle

this is a pretty large one, I got it from an Asian market

you can buy them online

believe Amazon

has them

I'm going to use some different dried peppers that I've dehydrated

and well as some spices

some dehydrated

oregano and some cumin seed

some store bought spices

I'll show

at the top of the video and in the description how I dry my peppers, if you haven't seen the video

also I want to make a couple points real quick

you should probably wear a respirator when you do this because it throws up a lot of pepper dust

I'm going to leave mine off so I can try to speak while I'm doing this

but if you're doing it yourself you should wear a mask


the point of this is to give you a starting point for you to make your own spices

I'm not, I don't claim to be a culinary expert

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