FAQ - Sichuan Peppercorn Guide (四川花椒)

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hi everyone I'm Mendy welcome to soup

top recipes in this video I'm going to

talk about Citron peppercorns and

hopefully answer all the questions that

you guys have on this ingredient

if you have been following my show you

probably see me putting it in all

different recipes such as fillings chili

oil I sprinkle it on crispy Foods use it

to blanch or braise meat it's such an

amazing spice

in Chinese it's called huao but it has

many English translation despite its

name Sichuan pepper has nothing to do

with black pepper or chili pepper it's a

citrus fruit from a plant called

xanthosillon in the family of rutasia

it's not spicy at all but it is known

for its Citrus Aroma and its numbing

effect Sichuan pepper contains an

element called hydroxy Alpha senju which

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