Fastest Ways To Get Fragments In Blox Fruits | Update 17.3

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the fastest way to get fragments in

blocks fruits so in this video I will be

telling you guys always to get fragments

and fastest ways the first method

obviously being to complete raids people

usually grind fragments this way since

you get 1000 fragments if you complete

the raid within three minutes this is

the most common way of getting fragments

and might as well be the fastest way to

get fragments if done right with a group

of Buddha fruit users a player can

easily Speed Run easy raids it would

usually take around five minutes to get

one rate done so in an hour the people

would already have over 10 000 fragments

this is an efficient way of grinding but

it can be boring at times

the second method is going to be more

luck based when rolling random surprises

from Death King in haunted castle there

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