Easiest Way to Open and Refill McCormick Pepper Grinder / Salt Grinder

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so today we're gonna be showing you guys

how to refill these little disposable

mccormick uh peppercorn grinders this

also works with the salt grinders or

anything that comes in this little

glass bottle with this little grinder

top on it basically

so we're going to show you how to easily

take this off you're going to need

obviously your grinder that's pretty


empty all this is just going to we're

going to toss out because it make it

actually a little wet with what we do

you're going to want a little paper

towel a cup of warm water just as warm

as it comes out of the faucet just

enough to submerge this plastic part

and obviously you're going to want some

peppercorns to refill it

so you can open this grinder without the

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