MeatEater's Danielle Prewett Shows How to Grind Your Wild Game Meat

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so the first thing you need to know

about grinding meat is it has to be very

very cold

meaning the parts the actual grinding

parts I stick in the freezer before

grinding and the meat needs to be very

cold so Weston offers two different

plates you've got a larger whole plate

for a coarse grind this is great if you

want to do chili and then there's a

finer grind this is perfect for hot dogs

sausages burgers but you'll want to do a

double grind if the meat that you're

pushing through is chopped into really

big chunks so you'll just start with the

larger grind and then finish with the

smaller grind this is the auger and then

you've got your blade cutter and then

the grinding plates and then you screw

pull everything tight into place and

then this goes directly to the grinder

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