How to Level Up *SUPER FAST* in NEW PRODIGY!!!

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yo how's it going guys it is Camden here

and today I'm going to show you guys how

to level up super fast in new Prodigy

alrighty guys so Prodigy has obviously

had a lot of updates so today I'm

bringing you guys the updated guide on

how to level up fast in Prodigy make

sure to go down below and subscribe and

let's get started alrighty guys so the

first tip I have for leveling up fast is

especially important right now as you

guys can see it is Winterfest and for

those of you guys who are trying to

level up very very fast I say you take

advantage of all the fests in Prodigy

now this includes Winterfest Summerfest

Starlight Festival it's all those types

of things right and you are going to

want to maximize your rewards now of

course if you click right here we have a

bunch of rewards that we can actually

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