The Great Whole Wheat Bake Off: Hard Red vs. Hard White Wheat

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hi and welcome to rosebread homestead

and i've been wanting to do this one for

quite a few weeks

um a few weeks ago for the first time in

my life ever ever i bought some hard

white wheat

my entire life i have always used hard

red wheat and because it's the reason is

because that's what i grew up on that's

what dad always had at home for us

that's what mother always made bread

from was hard red winter wheat it was

dad's favorite i never even thought of

trying something else but i've been

reading a few things and some of our

subscribers have wanted to know if i

like the white tweet better than the red

for bread and so with a little bit of

research i'm finding out that maybe

there's a difference and so today is a

big bake off and we're going to see

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