Grinding Deer Meat with the Right Fat Ratio for Burgers

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first of all happy new year is 2022

and we find ourselves still looking for

meat because the grocery stores is slim

pickings and obviously it's been a while

since we posted so apologize for that so

if you're just watching this for the

first time be sure to subscribe and for

all you subscribers we're back and we're

on susie's ridge and it's begun a new

chapter because it's 2022 and right at

the end of the season here in georgia my

son had a chance to pop a few does so

we're up here cutting them up having fun

and we're trying to make sure we got

plenty of supplies that get us through

the next deer season so we're going to

go into susie's ridge and we're going to

go in here and we're going to grind a

full deer so we've got a tub of meat and

obviously we've got one of the deer lake

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