How To Brew Better Dark Roasts

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Come to today's video all about brewing

better dark roasts as filter coffee.

We're not really going to touch on espresso today.

Just brewed coffee,

how to make it more delicious when you're starting

with a darker roast.

Now, historically this channel hasn't talked

about dark roasts.

It's talked about light roasts most of the time, and that's

because within this sort of specialty coffee world,

people tend to gravitate towards lighter roasts

because you tend to see more kind of taste of place.

More of the origin characteristics

in a coffee that is lighter roasted.

It'll have more floral or fruity kind of qualities.

It'll often be a little bit more aromatic.

It may be a little bit more sweet

but it will often be much more acidic as a result.

Now, when you roast coffee, the longer you roast coffee,

the more you will sort of degrade that acidity.

The more it will decline, but the longer you roast coffee

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