How to Safely Grind Concrete Floors (Quick Tips)

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Today we’re going to show you how to grind concrete floors. Why is it important to grind

concrete floors? Well, if you’ve got a superficial contaminant on the top of concrete, like thinset,

paint, or God knows what else, you need to remove that before you can put your new flooring.

So we’re going to share what tools make this much easier and safer. We’re also going

to go onto a mistake that we made that we don’t want you to make on your project.

The first thing that you need is a really great HepaVac. This is the Fein HepaVac, and

there’s a reason why we really like it. The cool thing about this HepaVac is the fact

that it has an outlet. You can plug in your power tool—in this case an angle grinder—and

then turn the power setting to the outlet, the little logo right here. What that does

is it turns on the HepaVac when you turn on your power tool. It almost goes without saying,

but if you’re going to grind concrete floors, you need an angle grinder. This is Fein’s

WSG 7. It’s a 4 ½-inch angle grinder. But this isn’t the most important tool that

you need. Arguably, this is the most important facet of grinding concrete. It is a dust shroud.

This is Fein’s surface grinding shroud, and you can use this for grinders up to 6

inches, and you can also use it up to wheels up to 5 inches, which brings me to the next

tool that you need. This is the thinset removal bit. This is a

grinding wheel, specifically for removing thinset—you guessed it. And you can use

it to also remove paint and any other superficial contaminant on top of your concrete.

When you combine a HepaVac, a grinder, the thinest removal bit, and the surface shroud,

these four components make grinding concrete much safer and faster. But that’s not the

end of the story. Admittedly, sometimes we forget our personal

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