The BEST WAY To Earn Coins In Blooket WITHOUT Hacking!

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is the best way to get coins and look at

without hacking I know that's crazy I'm

doing a video without hacking but no

hacking also means there's no way for

you to get banned so let me show you how

to do this so the first thing you need

to do is go to a blicket set that every

answer is correct in you can do any one

but I recommend using the one I put in

the description because we're trying to

get this one to a thousand place so

definitely go try that one but once

you're in it click solo and then what

you want to do is play Tower Defense you

can start a new game choose any map you

want it doesn't matter and then you can

just Spam and get all these coins and

what you want to do is make it to round

50. because this is going to give you a

nice even number of coins and it's going

to make it way easier to do this so let

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