How to Make Perfect French Press Coffee Every Time | GRATEFUL

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today we're gonna go through the steps

of making the perfect french press

coffee you'll need freshly roasted whole

coffee beans clean purified water a

French press an electric burr grinder a

food scale and a smart gooseneck kettle

the most flavorful coffee starts with

freshly roasted beans if you can find a

local roaster or go online and find a

supplier who can deliver freshly roasted

beans a lot of people are familiar with

dark roast coffee and that's what they

think coffee is supposed to taste like

but I'd actually recommend going with a

medium or even light roast coffee you're

gonna get a lot more flavor from the

actual coffee bean with a light or

medium roast coffee

whereas dark roast so much of the coffee

is roasted away and all you're really

left with is carbon which gives you that

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