Understanding Espresso - Grind Size (Episode #4)

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- Welcome to the Understanding Espresso series,

a series where we take apart on individual variable

in the espresso making process.

In the past, we've looked at dose in, ratio and brew time.

Today, we're looking at the most complex of the variables

in my opinion, which is the grind setting.

how fine or how coarse you should be grinding the coffee,

and when you should use your grind setting

to make an adjustment to taste.

Espresso is a lot of fun,

but it's also immensely frustrating,

especially when you're starting out.

And I would say, this variable is by far

the most frustrating of all of them to work with.

And I'll give you the reasons why.

And there's kind of three reasons.

So let's say you make a grind setting change

going a little bit finer.

In doing so, you'll expose a lot more surface area

of the ground coffee.

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