How to Make Ground Chicken in the Food Processor

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ever since i bought a food processor

last month ground chicken has quickly

become one of my favorite ingredients to


for some reason not many grocery stores

in the u.s carry it and if they do it

can be rather expensive and i find it to

be watery and taste funny i can make

ground chicken myself for 2.99 a pound

and it doesn't have any of those bad

qualities and i think the taste is leaps

and bounds better i've got a few recipes

coming up that use ground chicken so if

you're in the same boat as me and you

can't find it at your store or you don't

like the stuff that your store has i

want to show you how you can make it in

a food processor so what i do is i go to

costco and i buy one of the big bags of

their boneless skinless chicken thighs

usually they're between 8 and 10 pounds

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