Cuisinart Food Processor Grinding Meat

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hi guys today I'll show you how to grind

meat in a Cuisinart food processor by

grinding your own meat you can control

the texture and amount of fat this is 1

kilo or 2.2 pounds of boneless skinless

chicken thighs I've cut them up into

1-inch pieces the meat should be cold

this Cuisinart 14 cup can process 2 and

3/4 pounds of meat at one time lock the


I'll pulse this a few times until it's



this looks pretty good there are no big

pieces but it's not finely ground it has

some texture to it so that's it in about

a minute or two you have fresh ground

meat i ground this meat to use for

chopped elite kabobs they're really

flavorful and if you want the recipe

I'll put a link in the description below

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