Ep. 6: DIY Ground Chicken Breast in Seconds (& Why) | #FoodTipsYouCrave

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hey everyone Devin Alexander here I know

it can be really difficult to find extra

lean ground chicken in the grocery store

a lot of times they take chicken breasts

and they add fat to it so it's not 99%

lean instead it's like 93 percent lean I

don't know about you but I don't want

those extra calories so I just take a

couple minutes and make it myself it's

super easy

I literally just cut my chicken breasts

into about 1-inch cubes and then I put

them into my food processor if you have

a really good blender you can use that

to pop on your lid and then pulse now

make sure you don't actually process you

just want to pulse for five six seven

eight in as few as six to ten pulses you

have perfect extra lean ground chicken

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