Word 2016: Check Spelling and Grammar

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We all make mistakes when we type. Luckily, Word comes with several different tools that

can help you proofread your document, and correct any mistakes. Let's take a look.

To run a full spelling and grammar check, go to the Review tab… click the Spelling

and Grammar command… and a pane will open on the right.

From here, Word will walk you through the errors in your document. To correct an error,

click one of their suggestions… then click Change. This will update your document, and

also take you to the next error automatically.

Now, spell check isn't perfect. Sometimes it'll say a word is spelled wrong when it

isn't—like people's names, street names, and other unique proper nouns. If that happens,

you have a couple different options.

Ignore will skip the word one time without changing it. Ignore All will skip the word

every time it appears in your document. Add will add the word to your dictionary permanently,

so it never comes up as an error again. Just make sure the word is spelled correctly before

you go with this option.

At this point, even though I'm not done, I'm going to close the spelling and grammar pane…

so we can take a look at the automatic spelling and grammar check instead.

By default, Word is actually designed to mark spelling and grammar errors while you type—that's

what these little wavy lines are for. So you can check your document manually (like I just

showed you), or you can refer to the marks, and make corrections as you go. Here's how

it works.

Red means that there's a spelling error. To correct it, all you have to do is right-click…

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