How To Spell Check Your Documents On a Mac

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Hi this is Gary with

Today let's take a look at how to use Spell Check on your Mac.

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Using Spell Check on your Mac is pretty straight forward.

Best of all it works the same way between apps.

At least the apps that Apple creates.

So here I am in Pages.

We'll start there and learn the basics.

I've got a few paragraphs typed here and I have three spelling mistakes.

You can see, just by default, it recognizes those are spelling mistakes and it has them

underlined with this red dotted line.

Now all the controls for spell checking are found under Edit and then you look for Spelling

and Grammar.

Notice that I have checked Check Spelling While Typing and Correct Spelling Automatically.

So let's uncheck both of those and start from scratch.

You can see when I uncheck those no longer are the errors underlined.

Now if I were to go in and turn on Check Spelling While Typing it will underline with those

red dots anything it finds that's wrong.

Now that seemed to happen pretty instantly with just these three paragraphs.

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