Calculating gram formula mass

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hi I'm going to show you guys how to

calculate the gram formula mass what you

need to do when you get something like

this is you first need to look use the

periodic table to find out the mass of

one mole of each of these different

elements so what we did is we use the

periodic table and it shows that zinc

has a 60 foot one mole of zinc equals 65

grams and one mole of the other guy's

equal these numbers over here alright so

once you got that the first thing you

need to do is you want to actually use

this formula and multiply the the ratio

by these numbers so what I mean is let's

look I have one zinc here so I'm gonna

add this so I'm gonna use the periodic

table find the mass of zinc and I'm

gonna write it right over here I've got

65 grams for zinc Plus this whole thing

now this whole thing is equal to 2 times

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