How to Convert MBR to GPT During Windows 10/8/7 Installation

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hello everyone how are you doing

this is md-10 here another quick

tutorial in today's video I'm gonna show

you guys how to convert an MBR to GPT

during a Windows installation if you

have an NTFS hard drive format so this

should be a pretty quick tutorial and

this should be fairly quick and

straightforward so we're kind of jump

right into it so we're going to start by

opening up the windows and installation

media we're using so if you already have

a CD or DVD already burned with Windows

10 on it and you're getting the error

saying that the windows cannot being

sold to this desk the selected this has

an MBR partition table so that is where

we're going to be asked for this video

so we're gonna go underneath the DVD

drive here if you were booting Windows

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