GPT-4 API Crash Course - Get Coding In 10 Minutes

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welcome everyone in this video I want to

show you how to add AI to your code

using the openai GPT apis I did just

release a course on openai apis

yesterday it has tons of really cool

projects I had a blast making it there's

a link in the description of the coupon

if you're interested so most of you I'm

assuming are familiar with chat gbt the

web-based client where we can interact

with gbt3 3.5 or gpt4 depending on if

you pay extra money to have access to

GPT Ford well we also can interact with

these models directly via our code where

we can add all sorts of really cool

capabilities to our code without having

to understand anything about how the AI

works you just need to know how to talk

to it so there's apis to connect with

gpt3 gbt 3.5 which is not a fully new

model but it's a more finely tuned

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