Basic File Encryption with GPG key pairs!

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okay so this video is going to be on new

PG the new privacy guard and how to

encrypt basic files and stuff like that

in Linux so what is the new privacy

guard well it is a program that comes on

basically every Linux distribution and

it is a tool for generating keys that

you can encrypt things with and identify

yourself with it's used all the time on

your computer even if you don't know

that it's being used in your package

manager and stuff like that so in this

video we're going to encrypt some files

do some basic stuff in that but in order

to do that we actually have to generate

a key pair so a key pair is of course

two keys there's gonna be a private one

and a public one the public of course is

the one you can show to other people the

private one is the one that you know

basically unlocks everything you lock

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