Medical School FULL Accepted Application: AMCAS & Canadian App, GPA, MCAT

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each year it seems like getting accepted

into med school in North America at

least just becomes harder and harder the

longer you're here the worse you're

getting you have to write so many tests

the MCAT for one so many signs

prerequisites seems like you almost have

to cure cancer to get into med school

thousands of people apply each year for

a few limited spots

and unless you're one of those lucky few

you may wonder what exactly you need to

get into med school

so it took me three times to finally get

in I'm a first year med student at UBC I

just finished my first semester and I

also applied to the MD PhD stream which

is the stream that I'm actually doing

so I applied three times the first time

I applied I applied in third year

undergrad I was doing my psych degree

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