13 things you NEED TO KNOW before going to Germany! | Feli from Germany

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You wanna go to Germany? Here are some things you  need to know before you go from a German native! 

Hallo Servus and welcome back to my Youtube  channel! My name is Felicia, I’m originally from  

Munich, Germany but have been living in Cincinnati  Ohio off and on since 2016. Now travelling isn’t  

really a thing right now but I know that many  of you can’t wait until that’s gonna be possible  

again and I know that many of you are already  planning your future trips in your heads and for  

all of you who’ve always wanted to visit Germany –  or even move to Germany – I’m sharing some things  

that you should definitely know BEFORE you go!  These are things that I usually tell friends who  

go to Germany for the first time but I’m sure that  many of you guys could benefit from this as well. 

The first one sounds pretty obvious but  believe me, people forget about this aaaaall  

the time – different countries have different  outlets and voltages, so if you’re from the US,  

you’ll need to bring or buy an adapter  if you wanna use your electrical devices  

because your American plugs won’t fit into  a German outlet. We also have a voltage of  

220-230 Volt in Germany whereas it’s only 120 in  the US and not all electronic devices can handle  

the switch so be sure that you do some research  about that before you go. Especially hair dryers  

and hair straighteners usually don’t work with  a different voltage – I actually broke a hair  

straightener once because I tried using my German  one in the US and that just made it stop working.  

What does work usually though is laptops and phone  chargers and those kind of things. And even though  

I’m obviously aware that the outlets are different  I totally forgot about it this past Christmas when  

I went home to be with my family cause I got  a new laptop recently in the US that came with  

an American charger and I totally forgot that for  the first time ever, I’d need an adapter that goes  

from an American plug into a German outlet, and  not the other way around, but luckily my dad has a  

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