How to paint a door frame or door jamb - (correct technique)

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now I'm just going to go through the

processes of finding a door frame or

door jamb

has already been sanded and dusted off

and it's ready to go so the first thing

you want to do is actually to paint the

back edge now the reason why you start

the back edge is because the door now if

you went through and painted the rest of

the frame first what would happen is

when you go through the back edge

you'll obviously want to get to the back

edge so you'll shut the door

now the chances are if the wind catches

it or something the door will actually

blow closed and actually hit your

freshly painted door frame so you don't

want that happening so what you need to

do is paint the back edge first then

open the door and leave it open and

that's where it stays for the remainder

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