New Bugs Instantly Freeze iPhones, RIP Friendships

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what's up guys we're near the end of

Iowa's 11 and hopefully that means we

don't have to put up with bugs like this

anymore so check this out you think you

can get into your phone wrong in this

video I'll be showing you a couple of

new bugs that completely immobilize the

phone and you can't use it you can't do

anything until you physically hard reset

it there's a couple different versions

so actually I'll demo listen real quick

perfectly working iPhone let me turn the

brightness up here this is on eleven

point four and I'm gonna do one thing

real quick and it's gonna be frozen so

check this out

and boom just like that within a second

just instantly it is frozen completely

frozen you can't do anything you can

lock the phone unlock its and it's

exactly where it was it doesn't even

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